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Students' Page

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Postmemory Projects

(in alphabetical order)


Maegan Cruz-The Big Boom! Baby Boom!




Courtney Glasco - Vietnam: United States Intelligence in Hawaii


Simon Hui- Life During the Cultural Revolution in China



Dara Maidenbaum - Life in Israel -1948


http://esammarco.pbwiki.com 1980's Rise in Crime in the Dominican Republic


Arita Sankar - - Guyana's 80day strike


Debra Steltzer - Jewish life in Germany 1938: Focusing on Kristallnacht, also called the "Night of Broken Glass", when Germans initiated pogroms against the Jews.


Justin Tricarico - "Wild Way Of Living": A Brief History of The Wild Ones


John Vineski


Megan Yamond- Devastation in the Netherlands


Wen Ting Zeng- China: Cultural Revolution


http://rachneet.pbwiki.com/- The partition of India 1947


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